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Supporting Membership

Anyone can become a supporting member of PNR.

Supporting members can:
☞ Participate in seminar, forums and lectures held by PNR.
☞ Receive PNR’s journals, books and other publications.
☞ Receive a welcome gift when first joined e.g. eco-bag.

Regular Membership

Lawyers, professors and researchers who have three years(+) experience in animal laws or related field or those who are agreed to have similar expertise by board members can become a regular member of PNR.

Regular members:
☞ Can participate in seminar and lectures held by PNR and receive PNR’s journals and other publications.
☞ Have a right to vote in General Assembly.

To become a Regular Member, contact to

PNR members shall comply with the PNR’s Articles of Organization and decisions of the Board and the General Assembly, and shall respect all life and work together to improve the legal status, rights and welfare of non-human animals.

Your valuable donations and membership fees will allow us to do the following:

Project planning and consistent studies: we will conduct various actions to protect the animal rights through regular meetings and planning, and carry out studies on important issues of animal related laws and policies through research and discussions with domestic and international organizations.

Seminars, publication and education: we will share the results of our research through seminars, publication and lectures. We will also provide guidelines for the interpretation of animal related laws and recommend for proper revision.

Legislative support activities: we will support legislation and enforcement of laws and policies that recognize the fundamental rights as well as legal status of animals. We will improve and promote animal welfare based on comparative legal research through collaboration with associated organizations.

Litigation advocating animal rights and various legal measures: we will advocate the protection of the rights of animals who are encountered with severely harmful situations and take proper legal actions. These include litigations and submitting criminal complaints for improving or resolving such situations.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding that tax deductible donations will be allowed from June 2018 due to legal requirements i.e. PNR’s one-year(+) public activities.